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humanKIND was born during the simultaneously incredibly loud & extraordinarily quiet days of 2020.


It felt like, collectively, we were all reassessing our lives - people left jobs, moved across country, made big tricked out vans their rolling homes, and reprioritized what was important. Others took giant leaps towards new dreams, and wild new beginnings. During that great wave of change, and time for introspection, we (from our homes in Minneapolis, Santa Barbara, and LA) set out to build something that served a need in our industry that we saw as relevant and immediate.


After building a company which wholly embodied its name, as of the close of 2022

we are moving on from humanKIND- and moving forward on to our next adventures, remaining, as always human + kindness first.


THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for the last two years It’s been in a word -

AMAZING, and we appreciate every single one of you more than we can express.

We hope our paths cross with yours again. Cheers to new beginnings & the new year ahead.


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