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let us explain.

we are a casting company, but not in the traditional sense. we cast stories.

With our decades of collective experience in the advertising, marketing, branding, and television space, we are recognizing a trend in casting and storytelling that is not just a passing fad. We know there will always be room for fictionalized stories and a valid need for actors and performers - but now more than ever, brands want to tell REAL LIFE STORIES about REAL LIFE HUMANS. Consumers, audiences, and the constantly-creating content crowd are indisputably a part of the narrative. We want to see each other. We want to connect. We want to trust again. To learn. And to choose for ourselves. And we know it is best done through real human stories.


Let us cast the real stories for you. And most importantly, handle it with humanKINDness. 

how humanKIND can work with you


you ARE the story


UGC (user generated content) has always been a part of authentic storytelling. but now, in our modern world, it is at the core of project ideas and crucial for brands ability to put new work into the world. whether its something you've filmed, you fit the bill for something we need custom created, or you / your story suits a stories casting spec, please keep on eye on our spaces for CASTING CALLS of all shapes, sizes, colors, and needs. 


you NEED a story

we are story and people matchmakers for brands, agencies, production companies, and content creators. brief us (early and often) on what you are looking for and we will curate real stories from real humans, and/or UGC, that will suit your creative and brand needs. nothing fuels creativity more than authentically sourced and curated content.



* the hK difference resides here - real humans sharing their stories need to be guided through the process with kindness and know how. beginning to end. 


you SHARE stories

you meet humans at every turn with a story that must be told! whether you're in the Docu sphere,  you're a content creator who finds interest at every turn, or an influencer who gets told the most amazing tales via your audiences and followers, if you want to collaborate and find ways to share some must-be-told stories to new & different audiences we can be your connector. 


Ted Dougherty -

Founder: Pizza Lovers Society

I have nothing but great things to say about working with Skye. She was professional and fun throughout the entire process.  Skye explained everything thoroughly, but in a way that made sense to an industry layperson.  She was in constant contact, without being overbearing.  It was very appreciated.  As for the campaign, we had some much positive feedback and a huge spike in membership at the Pizza Lover's Society Facebook Group. I hope we're able to work together in the future!


Rabiah Duncan -

Founder: The Mommy Grind

Working with Skye has been an honor and a privilege. I’ve worked with many clients throughout my career but this is the rare experience where the business relationship blossomed into a “beautiful dance.” Skye is an amazing person and not only became an advocate for me, my business, and my Facebook Group: The Mommy Grind, influenced the lives of women across the world. Skye is a true professional with powerful industry relationships yet finds absolute joy helping people become their very best.  Skye is a class act and I am beyond grateful that her advocacy led to opportunities that transformed my platform into a global brand and helped create opportunities for my husband and children.  Anyone that meets Skye will agree that she has a magic touch that is revered by her peers and colleagues.  I am excited to nurture our business relationship and help support her in all future endeavors.


Geriann Weisbrook - 

Founder: MilitaryMamasNetwork

I had the experience of working with both Skye and Angie on a project where MilitaryMamaNetwork® was featured. 

They worked tirelessly before, during and after production to ensure all the details needed were taken care of.  From casting call out to ensuring production needs didn’t derail our personal life demands, to celebrating the finished product, they were not only professionals but warm and gracious human beings. 

I would not hesitate to recommend them for any casting work needed.

meet the humans of humanKIND

Skye Boucaut

executive casting director | partner 

Skye brings kindness to the world of casting and talent management, along with her over ten years experience working in news, talent management, casting for unscripted television, documentaries, direct marketing, and commercials. She acted as the Casting Director for Facebook's marketing arm for 2.5 years, creating the still-utilized process for casting real human stories. 

Angie Schoemer

executive producer | partner

Angie brings humanity to producing and in seeking and sourcing  authentic stories, along with her 15 years of experience as an agency producer, an executive producer on the post and production side, and producing for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook where she first crossed paths with Skye exactly 2 years prior to the launch of humanKIND. 

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